What’s My Core Gift?©

Individual Consultations

A Certified Core Gift Discovery© Facilitator of your choosing will guide you to successful completion of the Core Gift Discovery© process, resulting in your unique Core Gift Statement. This process can be completed through online video chat or in-person. A follow-up reflection and action-planning session is also available.

What is the Core Gift Discovery© process?

Designed over a twenty-year period, the Core Gift Discovery© process has been completed with thousands of people from many walks of life. Originally proven with people struggling with addiction, mental illness, and homelessness, the process is now used with anyone at a change point in their life who wants to better understand their current situation and decide a future direction.

The process has five steps, and takes approximately 1 ½ hours to complete, resulting in your individualized Core Gift Statement. Your Facilitator will ask you a variety of questions designed to produce answers from you that form the raw material for your Core Gift Statement, then will guide you through steps to help you choose your most important answers and help you discover your Core Gift. The process uses a four-way verification process so you can confirm the validity of your Core Gift.

The entire process is designed to draw out your unique YOU. Unlike other popular strength-finding assessment tools, the Core Gift process doesn’t ask you to choose from pre-determined choices, doesn’t compare you to other people, and doesn’t place you into pre-determined “This is you” categories as a result of your answers. The result you come up with is designed by you, unique to you, and verified by you.

“I had no idea how deep and transformative it would be. It feels like my whole life is a big bookcase, that's just been re-catalogued in a way that makes a whole lot more sense, and I'm still working it out.”
Community Organizer

Who is it useful for?

Knowing your Core Gift is useful for any person, 15 years or older, who is questioning their future direction or trying to understand their past. Because your Core Gift is at the center of who you are, it has influenced your past actions, sometimes without you knowing, and can be used as a powerful tool for making decisions about your future. If you currently feel “stuck,” your Core Gift will help you decide what to do.

It can be used to guide decisions about current jobs, future careers, education, relationships, and hobbies. It can also be used to help you understand why you have such strong reactions, positive or negative, to certain people or situations. Your Core Gift can be used as a powerful contributor to personal healing and establishing a healthier life path.

Why is your Core Gift important to know?

The belief underlying the process is that every human has a distinct and useful Core Gift. There are many other labels for this Core Gift—some call it passion, some call it genius, some call it their life purpose. Often discovered or strengthened during times of difficulty, this Core Gift is an essential part of answering the two questions all of us have when we are at an important decision-making point in our lives: “Who am I?” and “What am I supposed to be doing?”

Because your Core Gift is connected to your deepest sense of purpose, when you give your Core Gift you feel an alignment between your personal values and what you choose to do. Purpose research shows that people who know their purpose can be highly motivated. For example, purpose research shows that employees who have a deep sense of purpose stay longer at their jobs, produce more, and have a higher level of job satisfaction.

Knowing your Core Gift can help you to have confidence that your decisions are based on who you are. Often, during times of change, we want to please others or make decisions that are easiest or will cause the least trouble in our life. Relying on your Core Gift will help you to stay true to your most genuine YOU and make the first steps towards committed and sustainable change.

Who will be my Certified Facilitator?

You will choose your own Certified Master Facilitator from our list, and we will arrange a short introductory conversation to make sure the Facilitator is a good fit for you. Facilitators come from a wide variety of backgrounds including experts in business coaching, youth mentoring, career counseling, human services, leadership development, college and school advising, individual counseling/therapy, and spiritual direction.

“The Core Gift process has given me confidence and a feeling of liberation that it has been articulated so clearly. I see it as being part of why I do what I do. Every day it is something I now notice and feel comfortable with because it compliments other's gifts, and I see it as useful.”
Mental Health Community Builder

How do I get started?

After your purchase, we will send you the Certified Facilitators list for you to choose from. When you have made your selection, we will set up an introductory call with your Facilitator to make sure this is the right Facilitator for you. Your Facilitator will then set up your individualized session date and time according to what works best for you.

Core Gift Discovery© session: $375

  • Pre-session introductory materials
  • Core Gift Discovery© session with your Facilitator (in-person or video-chat)
  • Your personalized, unique Core Gift Statement

My Core Gift in Action: $250

Coaching session with your Facilitator includes:

  • Identifying the Four Gift Motivators that will increase your gift-giving confidence
  • Identifying current/future life areas where you can use your Core Gift
  • Development of a specific integration plan for those areas
  • Identification of possible barriers/strategies
  • Discussion of the Four Essential Reflection Questions to Ask Myself About My Core Gift

SPECIAL PACKAGE PRICE: Purchase Both Sessions—$525

“I have noticed how more things in my life make sense now, both past and present. I understand my motivation now to get involved in things. I am very keen to help other people discover their core gifts.”
Vocational Counselor

Questions?: Please contact Bruce Anderson.