Rozanne Miller

In this episode, Bruce Anderson from the Core Gift Institute talks with Rozanne Miller, a licensed clinical social worker in private practice in San Diego. After being in what she describes as “really dark places” in her childhood, she came of age in the sixties and was heavily involved in the free speech, anti-war, and civil rights movements. Years later, she has a balcony view on how those early experiences shaped her path and helped to both discover and commit to giving her gifts.

With a primary gift of compassion, she now works with veterans, she says, as a way to make amends for her anger at soldiers when she was younger. Helping them to discover their core gifts upon their return to civilian life is one way she can help them rebuild their identify and find places to belong and heal.

In this wide-ranging interview, Rozanne weaves her story of learning to show herself compassion, recognizing how gifts create the opportunity to belong, and making meaning out of the dramatic twists and turns in a life fully lived.