Walking Your Gifted Path


Walking Your Gifted Path
By Bruce Anderson

Photo Book, Softcover, 10” w x 8” h, 40 Pages

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This glossy picture book is just right as a conversation starter on your end table.  Or to give to someone you know who is on their gifted path, or who is searching for their gifts or a direction in life.

Filled with beautiful, full-page images of walking paths in Europe and short essays describing the depth and variety of ways to think about gifts, it opens our minds to seeing beyond our strengths and limitations. Written in a style that offers easy access to readers, it reveals the possibilities for excitement, creativity, and healing when we step onto the path we know is ours to walk.

Excerpts from the Book

— Make no mistake: far from the logic of learned skills, our gifts are mysterious and unpredictable. Their source of power only comes alive at the moment of giving, and then retreats—each time made more capable and beautiful by the act of giving. This breathing in and out of our gifts follows the same certainty and rhythm as our body’s need for oxygen. As Lewis Hyde reminds us, “…a gift that cannot be given ceases to be a gift. The spirit of a gift is kept alive by its constant donation.” (From Committed Path)
— The courage to participate with others in reciprocal gift exchange is at the core of hope, both in individuals and in our collective lives together. The hope that we will not simply survive, but thrive, if we believe that all of us have gifts worthy of leading with. There is abundance all around us all the time. (From Leadership Path)

— When you are clear about your gifts, you are modeling being on a path with all its beauty, potential, and difficulty. Mentors show respect for others’ paths, at least in part, by acknowledging their own struggles to the mentee, reminding them that there is no easy way to go down the path. Each of us has our own difficulties. The courage the mentor shows becomes the primary yearning of the student rather than simply copying the path of the mentor. (From Mentoring Path)