Is it time? Do you desire reflective time to consider your life purpose and direction, want to walk in beautiful places, and have deeper connections with others? For centuries, people all over the world have chosen to walk as a way to see the world and themselves with new eyes.

Our specially designed 9-day pilgrimages in Europe immerse you in two journeys which happen on the same path. The first is the walking we will do on country roads and ancient footpaths winding through villages, lush forests, vineyards, farmland, and across expansive sand beaches. The second journey happens inside each of us, gently opening a path of self-reflection during our daily and evening activities. Mid-trip, we have planned a rest day on Holy Island, which includes renewal of your Core Gift Discovery© statement, helping you to further discern your primary path and regain the vitality that comes with clear direction. You will quickly become part of a trusting and supportive community of walkers who are interested in each other’s stories and paths.

Designed for adults of all ages with average physical fitness, this is not an endurance test! We use specially designed routes that keep us as close to the ocean as possible, with periodic short train or bus hops around the more rugged terrain along the route.

We hope you’ll give yourself the gift of being on a stunning walk with plenty of reflective time, and the opportunity to meet a small band of like-minded souls who know that getting away from it all is a powerful way to gain perspective and make decisions about the next period of your life.