Nicky Wilks

In this episode, Bruce Anderson from the Core Gift Institute talks with Nicky Wilks, co-founder with Alex Craighead, of the Journeyman Institute. Journeymen has a variety of programs that help young people to discover and claim their natural identity, as well as engage older people in opportunities to learn mentoring and how to create the conditions for young people to thrive.  
A hungry learner, Nicky is constantly scouting the landscape for ideas and practices that focus on helping young people.  He is a student of ancient indigenous ritual and modern theories of education and neuroscience, and focuses on creating innovative strategies that honor and combine both the old and the new.
In his other vocation as public school teacher, Nicky is acutely aware that schools are mostly about, as he says, filling the cup and creating conformity rather than bringing out the natural identity and gifts in students. He laments this focus on success rather than getting at the core of students identities so they can become who they are meant to be. Journeymen Institute offers what Nicky hopes is a healing alternative to this traditional school system design by helping to re-define what it means to be a “successful” young person in the world today.