Monica Adair

In this episode of Why Gifts Matter, we’re talking with Monica Adair, founding Partner of Acre Architects. In the midst of growing the firm she and her husband, Steven, started, The Acres has already garnered a long list of prestigious attention and awards.

Twice named one of the top design firms in Canada, their innovative practice, Storied Architecture, believes that every design idea springs from a unique story. She notices that often clients come to them initially with ideas for design that are “borrowed” from other people or buildings they have seen and aren’t really their own. This leads them to approach their work from the creative perspective of helping clients develop a future story they want to live into and, out of that story, the vision for the building design emerges. They liken it to creating a myth—a naturally emerging process of story creation.

Throughout this interview, Monica keeps coming back to the connections between gifts, story and purpose—not just in the design work they do, but also as an important part of each of their employees thriving at work. She has a keen eye for the gifts each employee is bringing, and why their organizations success is based on each person’s unique contribution to every project they engage in.

A person of boundless energy, enthusiasm and interests, Monica is clear about how an awareness of her Core Gift keeps her focused on what matters in the midst of a fast-moving life.

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