John McKnight and Peter Block

In this episode, Bruce Anderson from the Core Gift Institute talks with John McKnight and Peter Block, authors of The Abundant Community.

Peter and John started from different roots in their pursuit of community-building. Peter began his work as one of the pioneers in organizational development, helping organizations create clarity around vision and move forward together. John began his work with a civil-rights focus, working with the ACLU and affirmative action programs. Both of them are elders and anchors in their respective fields, have written extensively, and mentored countless others through their generous commitment to continuous learning and shared knowledge. Fuller biographies are available at the Abundant Community website,, and Asset-Based Community Development Institute.

More recently, their interests and language are merging around a fundamental question they both share: “How can communities of all kinds see and use the gifts of all community members to create abundance and possibility within.” They joined forces in recent years to author Abundant Community and frequently speak and work together.