Jacq Burns

Your first draft is not your first draft! Jacq Burns has a gift for helping writers say what they really want to say. And say it in a way that will reveal the depths of who they are and why what they’re writing about matters to them. What starts as a book often turns into something much more for the author.

Her first summer job at 12 was stacking books and sharpening pencils. But it wasn’t till she met her favorite author, Alice Walker, that she knew she wanted to be in publishing. She has worked in traditional publishing houses, leads writing workshops, coaches a wide variety of writers, founded the London Writers Club, and has written a bestseller called Write a Bestseller!


She says, “The work I do is a real privilege. I help people to express what they want to say at the deepest, truest level, to create a book that shows what and who they are, telling their story or sharing their advice or wisdom.  I don’t get to be the leading expert or to live the lives of these amazing authors but I do get to hang out in their world for a while, to absorb it all and help tell their story. What a job!