We Are All Gifted

Using Gifts in Helping Organizations

This highly engaging one-day course is designed to provide a foundational understanding of gifts, introduction and practice using two different gift identification tools, and examples of how to integrate gifts into employee culture and customer services and supports.

What’s My Core Gift?©

Individual Consultations

A Certified Core Gift Discovery© Facilitator of your choosing will guide you to successful completion of the Core Gift Discovery© process, resulting in your unique Core Gift Statement. This process can be completed through online video chat, or in-person. A follow-up reflection and action-planning session is also available.

Core Gift Discovery©

Master Facilitator Certification

This two-day intensive course and follow-up activities are designed to provide Master Facilitator Certification in the Core Gift Discovery© process.

Master Facilitator Resource Bank 

Master Facilitator Resource Bank 

This page is only available to Certified Master Facilitators.  It contains more than forty templates, tips, and useful tools to assist Facilitators in doing Core Gift Discovery interviews and integrating the results into actions plans for work, education, community life, leadership, personal growth, and relationships.