Dr Trish Quinlivan

This episode features special guest host Nick Maisey in conversation with Dr Trish Quinlivan, an experienced general practitioner who blends psychological medicine with spiritual wellbeing.

After many years working in a busy GP setting, Trish’s insomnia and anxiety reached a peak in 2011, prompting her to listen more deeply to her mind and body and forge a new path. She has specialized in psychological medicine, integrating mindfulness, meditation and connection to spirit to help people heal from psychological stress.

Trish helps people tap into their intuitive power to find learning in experiences of trauma and adversity, affirm the gifts of their existence and practice more conscious, connected ways of being. In a world that can feel increasingly chaotic and disconnected, there is no time like the present to find ways of being in the here and now that yield the greatest insights about our gifts.

Check out Trish’s website for more information.

Thanks to Jeff Hoyt at Hoyt’s Greater Community Radio for vocal additions.

This episode was produced by Laura Byng, with music by Benson.