Dan Kaufman

Over the course of his career and in his personal life, Dan has followed one simple rule: Do it different. Whether it’s working in the edges of community helping people’s voices be heard, raising Llama’s, coaching leaders, or studying guitar riffs from the masters, he is always looking for a unique approach. Never one to back down from a challenge, he’s found himself in a unique position to develop a wide range of wisdom over the years.

In his professional life as a leadership coach, counselor, and organizational development coach, Dan builds on decades of study and experience. Following in the footsteps of his teachers like Bob Kegan, he has worked to develop holistic, blended models of personal and organizational development. He brings a savvy to his work that quickly reveals the depth of his understanding of what it really takes to help transform people and organizations.

For leaders, he believes speaking from the place of your gifts creates a powerful opportunity to connect with others by helping them to connect with the deeper parts of who they are, too.

And that, for all of us, the bottom line is that gifts are worth pursuing as we work towards a life worth living. Don’t ever give up on your own gifts, and don’t ever give up helping others find their gifts. We all move forward together as we exchange our gifts.

Although they are in completely different professions, this conversation with Dan follows many of the same threads as our last podcast with architect Monica Adair from New Brunswick, Canada. Both of them believe in the vital connection between creativity and usefulness, and the essential role gifts often play.

You can contact Dan at drdlk@me.com