• Provide learning events and coaching for practitioners and organizations who want to integrate gifts into their work.
  • Provide individualized coaching for people who want to discover and give their gifts.​
  • Sponsor nature-based walking pilgrimages for adults who want reflective time to discover and discern how to use their gifts.​
  • Maintain a resource center for information about gifts through our website, podcast and social media. 

One thing we know for certain: understanding and using our gifts is both an old and a new idea. Cultures and faith traditions, many centuries old, used specific methods to identify and nurture gifts in their members.


Now, modern neuroscience and positive psychology have backed up older wisdom traditions by proving that individuals thrive when they are able to find meaning in their lives by knowing and giving their gifts. Yet there is no centralized place where a person or organization can go to get a wide perspective and in-depth information about gifts from a wide variety of beliefs and fields of practice. The Institute is committed to helping fill that gap.

Bruce Anderson is the Executive Director and the connecting thread between individuals and organizations engaged with the Institute.


He’s the “buck stops here” person for operations of the Institute.


See his story here.