Your tax deductible GIFT supports the Institute's focus on developing the Core Gift Discovery process and the application of this knowledge in people's lives and a diverse array of settings. Bonus: With a donation of $100 or more, you’ll receive a complimentary copy of our new book, “Walking Your Gifted Path."

Walking Your Purposeful Path

The Core Gift Institute is designed to be a welcoming place for finding information about discovering and giving gifts. We believe gifts are a foundation for increasing health and abundance in individuals and communities.

Pilgrimage Walks

Guided small-group walks in nature with time to reflect on your gifts and life direction.


"The combination of elements on this journey, both along the trail and internally, hit on something really big. I get what I’m here to do at a whole other level. Something profound happened by walking every day with a small group of fellow curious folks that I couldn’t anticipate. The time to reflect on what matters most, while surrounded by nature, made me feel more alive and clear than I have in years."

- Danae, Business Coach

Gift Learning Lab

Training, Facilitator Certification, Individual consultations.


"The depth of the coaching at the training was really helpful, in addition to learning from other participants over the two days. I’ve done three Core Gift interviews since I returned home, and it’s really made a difference in how I do the process and how people engage with me. Personally, this also helped me to go deeper with my own core gift. I feel really clear now about the work I need to be doing."
- Kim, Wellness Coordinator

Gift Resources

Articles, videos, and quotes about gifts from around the world.


"There is so much information about gifts from a variety of places—positive psychology, faith traditions, education, community organizing, mythology, and indigenous practice. To have examples and information from so many perspectives really helps to deepen my understanding of and commitment to integrating gifts into all parts of my life."
- Karol, Educator