We Are All Gifted: Using Gifts in Helping Professions

This intensive one-day course is designed to provide a foundational understanding of gifts, introduction to two different gift identification tools, and examples of how to integrate gifts into employee culture and customer services and supports.

Leading edge organizations are moving beyond the STRENGTHS model towards a more powerful emerging model of GIFTS. Relying on positive psychology, motivational theory, and organizational development best practices, using gift-identification tools and practices creates the opportunity for organizations to build high-output cultures which thrive because they are committed to purpose—both individual employees and the groups they work within.

How? Because our gifts are our most valued assets, when they are acknowledged and used as part of our work tasks we feel both valued and respected in our workplace.  And, because gifts are connected to our deepest sense of purpose, when we give our gifts we feel an alignment between our personal vision and the vision of our organization. Motivated employees are the result!

“I have noticed how more things in my life make sense now, both past and present. I understand my motivation now to get involved in things. I am very keen to help other people discover their core gifts.”
Vocational Counselor

During this day you will:

  • Understand the limitations of using a strength-based model with employees and customers.
  • Learn how to distinguish between skills, talents, gifts, and core gifts.
  • Learn why gifts are essential for a person to climb the Ladder of Motivation.
  • Understand the four primary motivators within gifts.
  • Learn to use the 3 Gift Buckets assessment tool.
  • Understand why it’s essential to reframe “problems” as “passages.”
  • Learn how to facilitate the Core Gifts Discovery© tool, ending with a Core Gift Statement for another participant.
  • Complete a facilitated process for yourself that results in your Core Gift Statement.
  • See examples of how to integrate gifts into planning and change processes with your customer.
  •  See examples of how to use gifts within the employee culture of your organization.

For helping organizations, integrating gift discovery and use into action plans with customers creates the same level of acknowledgement and motivation in them. For people who are facing serious difficulty, identifying their gifts helps them to establish a sense of purpose, which is often the first step towards committed and sustainable change. Gift discovery can be easily integrated into counseling sessions, and provides significant information useful to education, employment, relational issues, and personal health and healing goals.

This training and its implementation strategies are useful for:

  • Leadership development
  • Therapists and counselors
  • Substance abuse professionals
  • Youth and aging program staff
  • Mental health recovery staff
  • Other social service professionals
  • Business and life coaches
  • Leadership consultants
  • Organizational and culture change initiatives
  • Faith leaders
  • Community organizing initiatives
“I now understand my passion and connection for the work that I do, how important it is to maintain a healthy balance. The Core Gift exercise has helped me to step more comfortably into my shoes knowing that this is an integral part of my being and that it remains constant despite external influences. A very valuable resource.”
Family Support Educator

Training Approach

Training format: A mixture of 1/3 presentation, 1/3 discussion, and 1/3 practice in pairs and small groups.

Allotted Time: Full Day

Resources Provided to Participants: Each participant will receive a packet containing background information and instructions for completing the 3 Gift Buckets and the Core Gift Discovery© process.  In addition, participants will receive a FAQ sheet which answers the most commonly asked questions about Core Gifts and a copy of the instructional materials presented at the training.

CostPlease contact Bruce Anderson

Workshop LeaderBruce Anderson, MRA, Director Core Gift Institute

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“Thank you again for today. Just yesterday a woman asked if I knew of resources to help her 14-year-old daughter have a stronger sense of self-confidence. Given the connection to initiation and coming-of-age customs in native cultures, I think the Core Gift Discovery process might be helpful to her. I will offer that!”
Mental Health worker