What will the weather be like?

We recommend you Google our arrival town and add “average temperature.” A monthly average temperature chart will come up, and you can gauge the weather we’ll have based on that. 

Will I need to get a lot of special gear?

No. You’ll need some layered clothing, rain-gear, some sturdy boots or walking shoes, and a few other things. Once registered, we’ll send you a standard detailed packing list.

Will I be carrying a heavy pack?

No. Your luggage will be transported each day by courier to our destination for that night. You will be bringing a small daypack to carry your snacks, rain-gear, and whatever else you might need for the day’s walk.

What is the age range?

Adults over 30 are welcome to apply.

Is this going to be physically demanding?

This is a walk, not an endurance test. Participants are generally tired at the end of the day, but not exhausted. We want you to still have energy at the end of the day so we can meet for our evening sessions without you falling asleep!

How many miles do we walk each day?

The daily mileage varies from 5-12 miles. We generally are walking between 9:00am-4pm, take frequent breaks, so we can cover the miles without feeling like we are rushed. Past experience says we generally walk about 2 mph during the trek. This is the average speed of somebody walking down the street in your town.

I need to make my travel plans. When do I need to be there?

Once registered and accepted, you will receive specific arrival and departure times in order to plan your flights and purchase tickets. You will also receive arrival hotel information and check-in procedure prior to departing the US.

When you say average fitness, what do you mean?

The primary determiner for you should be whether or not you experience physical symptoms that would make daily walking uncomfortable or unsafe. Certainly, if you have heart, joint, or other serious medical conditions you should not apply. If you are not a regular exercise walker, we recommend you buy an inexpensive pedometer or download a walking app and take walks of different lengths to gauge your fitness level. We have never had a participant who was unable to complete the journey due to physical demands.

How large is our group?

We limit the group size to 8-10 participants and 2 guides. We’ve found this is the perfect size group for great conversation, not being too cumbersome to move on the trails, and perfect for filling up a B&B!

What happens during the evening sessions?

We will meet most evenings for 1-1 ½ hours, either right before or right after dinner. The sessions are designed to help you reflect on who you are, your hopes for the next period of your life, and commitments you want to make involving activities, careers, relationships, and personal development. They are designed with a variety of short activities including telling stories, writing short reflections, silence, and sharing ideas. This is not therapy! This is not forced sharing of stories you are not comfortable telling the world! We want you to look forward to gathering with other participants and getting and giving inspiration.

What other costs might I have beyond the registration fee?

We cover accommodations, in-country travel which is part of our itinerary, breakfasts, guides, and evening facilitation. The registration fee does not include your airfare. We provide breakfast each day, but you will be responsible for your lunch and dinner costs. Walkers often bring a little extra money to purchase souvenirs along the way.

What is the “in-country travel” you refer to?

Our route involves us taking several short bus, train, and boat rides. Previous participants have told us they enjoy these rides as another way to see the countryside, meet locals, and rest your legs for a short while!

Is it possible for us to get lost?

We are not in remote wilderness. We are walking between towns on established trails, country lanes, or beaches.

Will my health insurance cover me over seas?

Many health plans cover travelers going outside the US, but you should check with your specific provider for coverages and what to do in case of illness or accident in order for your insurance to cover the costs. The organizers of this trek do not provide insurance of any type for participants. 

What are the accommodations?

We are staying in a variety of different hotels and inns, all of them average quality. This is not a luxury tour! The registration fee is based on double-occupancy. We try to switch roommates, when it’s agreeable to participants, so each night so you have the opportunity to get to know each other.

What about getting money when I am walking?

There is easy access to ATM machines in most towns, and credit or debit cards are widely used. Don’t forget to notify your bank prior to departure.

What about bringing electronic gadgets?

There is no right answer to this. Most walkers come on trips specifically to get away from the demands of staying connected all the time, and believe bringing a cell phone offers the basic contact, email, and emergency connecting they need. Other walkers can’t imagine leaving home without their laptop or iPad. Be aware that you will have very limited time to be connected, usually only early morning and after the evening sessions are completed. We discourage cell use during the day, except in emergency, since we are in the midst of nature and it’s hard to focus when bells and whistles are going off around you!

What about getting work done while I am on this trip?

We strongly recommend you NOT plan on getting significant work done while on this trip. You will not have the available time, and experience tells us it usually interrupts a participant’s ability to really be present with others and the magnificent beauty we will be surrounded by. Many participants do some brief checking in with home or work in the evening to catch up with important details.

If I choose not to bring electronics, what about emergencies?

The guides have cell phones with international calling plans and emergency numbers that you can use if you need to.

Do you have recommendations for setting up my cell phone calling plan for this trip?

Most all of the places we will stay at have internet access, although it is often slower than the speeds we are used to. Some, but not all, have cell phone signal. Most participants download WhatsApp or another one of the free internet calling apps so they don’t have to spend money on phone calls. Many walkers add unlimited international texting to their phone plan, since the cost is low to do that. Others get a small data plan to go along with texts, but be aware that data plans exhaust VERY quickly if you are using Google maps, web searches, etc. It’s easy to go thru 100megs of data in one day!

If you have other specific questions, don’t hesitate to contact us.